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Hot Water Systems

We all love our long hot showers, but what if there’s no hot water coming out of your taps or no hot water pressure? When you want decent hot water pressure, or actual hot water, you need a reliable plumber in Wellington. You’ve come to the right place. We offer a 24-hour, emergency call out service. If you are out of hot water, call 022 638 5704

First thing though, do you need a plumber or electrician to fix your hot water system?

Call our Wellington plumbers when:

  • You see water leaking from the base of your hot water cylinder.
  • There is no water at all coming from any of the taps in your house.
  • The base of the water cylinder is rusty.
  • There is water constantly running out of the pressure relief overflow pipe, probably onto the roof.
  • Your hot water system is more than 10 years old.
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If you have a cold hot water system, Central Plumbing is the plumber in Wellington who can help.

Want to get into hot water?

Need to fix or replace an old hot water cylinder or want help choosing the best option for hot water in your home or business? Wellington Central Plumbing can help you decide. We can advise on whether electric, solar, solar assist or a heat pump hot water cylinder will best suit you. We can supply, install and repair hot water cylinders or supply and install hot water heat pumps.

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Testimonial for Central Plumbing

We have used Anthony’s services on a number of occasions in recent years, firstly to replace an aging garage roof and to repair a damaged conservatory roof as well as various tap and cistern repairs and recently to install a new shower cubicle in our bathroom. All this work has been carried out in a timely and efficient manner and finished to a high standard. All the quotations have been fairly priced and accurate. As a consequence, I have no hesitation in recommending Anthony as a highly skilled tradesman who is honest, reliable and punctual.

B Dunkerley

Water Heating Solutions

Electric water heating

Up to 50% of your monthly energy bill is for water heating via a hot water cylinder and most New Zealand homes have an electric hot water cylinder. Older cylinders tend to be small and low pressure, whereas modern electric hot water cylinders are high- or mains-pressure and hold 180 litres or more. If you regularly run out of hot water, it is likely you have a low-pressure cylinder. If it has been poorly installed, a low-pressure hot water system often can only run one tap at a time with reasonable pressure.

Mains-pressure cylinders are more expensive, give faster flow and allow you to use a wider range of tap fitting, but will use more water and energy. A family of four will typically need about a 200-litre capacity hot water cylinder if they’re not going to regularly run out of hot water under normal use.

Older hot water cylinders and pipes can often be poorly insulated, leading to heat loss. Adding a cylinder wrap could save you up to 1 kWh/day and pay for itself in less than a year.

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  • Electric hot water cylinders are relatively cheap to install.
  • You have hot water stored for a few hours in case of a power cut.
  • Electronic timers and Smart Cylinder options can reduce running costs.
  • Less efficient to run that most other water heating options.
  • Mains and low-pressure hot water cylinders do need maintenance, and if neglected, they can burst causing water damage.

Heat pump water heating

Heat pumps are far more efficient than ordinary electric water heaters. Heat pump water heaters move heat from the air to the water in the tank instead of generating heat directly via an element. They work like a refrigerator in reverse: generating heat, not cooling.

There are two main types of systems: an all-in-one system where the heat pump is part of the hot water cylinder and a split system where the heat pump is located outside and the hot water cylinder is inside the house.

All-in-one systems are available for both indoor and outdoor locations and are a good option when renovating, building new or replacing old cylinders, whereas a split system can be retrofitted to your existing tank provided it is not too old.

Heat pump water heaters cost more at the outset than a standard electric water heater. However, a well-installed heat pump water heater would reduce your hot water bill by two thirds. Their efficient operating costs mean that for moderate-to-high hot water users, payback time will be relatively short.

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  • A properly installed heat pump water heater could cost you up to 60% less than a standard hot water cylinder in electricity.
  • Hot water heat pumps make some noise (about as noisy as a standard heat pump).
  • Hot water heat pumps take longer to heat water in winter.

Saving hot water saves you money

Here are some handy tips on hot water savings:

  • Consider having your hot and cold taps separate. It’s more common to have a mixer, so if you do, make sure the handles are left in the cold position. That way you don’t get hot water unless you actually need it.
  • Use cold water for washing clothes, rinsing, filling the jug etc.
  • Turn off the water cylinder when you go on holiday.
  • Have showers instead of baths and keep your showers relatively short.

Get a Wellington Central plumber to:

  • Replace your shower head or fit a flow restrictor to your shower – it can work wonders on a hot water system used by teenagers.
  • Check and fix any leaks or drips (especially relief valves on mains pressure hot water systems and under your house).
  • Make sure your cylinder and hot water pipes are properly insulated.
  • Regularly check your hot water cylinder. If you notice anything that doesn’t look (or sound) right, have one of our team check it over for you.
Call for a plumber in Wellington to get you in or out of hot water. Central Plumbing services Wellington Porirua, Johnsonville, Kapiti Coast, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and the Hutt Valley.