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• Toilet overflowing   • Blocked drain or broken pipes or sewage leaking   • Uncontrollable water spewing forth from somewhere?

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Is It An Emergency?

Don’t let plumbing issues keep you up all night. Call one of our emergency plumbers right away if the problem can’t wait. Call Central Plumbing Wellington on 022 638 5704.

Have you ever had a plumbing emergency? Did your plumber show up immediately, or did you have to wait for ages? At Central Plumbing Wellington we promise to show up, no matter what time it is. 24/7 emergency plumbing service means exactly that, so we will be at your door ASAP, whether that means we come in the middle of dinner or before breakfast. We’re your Wellington emergency plumber dedicated to keeping you and yours safe and comfortable.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing
In an emergency please call us for 24/7 service (call out charges apply). For an emergency we take immediate action.

What can you do before your emergency plumber arrives?

The worst part about a plumbing emergency is that you’ll never know when it’s going to rear its ugly head. Sometimes the warning signs are a subtle, and suddenly you’re standing ankle-deep in water not knowing what to do.

What to do if you have a plumbing or drainage emergency? 

Call 022 638 5704 first, but here are some things you can do to minimise the damage. While fixing your plumbing problem should be left to the professionals, there are steps you can take before our plumber arrives.

Don’t forget to remove any valuables from the damaged area…….

Shut the water off
In almost all emergencies, the first thing you need to do is stop the water. You need to know how to shut the mains water supply off, and where the shutoffs are for individual fixtures or appliances in your home.
Shut off the toby to the house to stop any further leaks.
Sure, I hear you say, but “what’s a toby” and “where can I find it?” Your water toby is the valve that turns off the mains water. Also known as a stopcock, shut-off valve or isolated valve, you should find it at the front of your house, by the road, under a blue or black plastic cover.

Turning off the water can save your house from flooding and save your hot water cylinder from damage.

Turn your water heater off
If your water heater is gas, you need to turn off the gas to the heater. If you are on bottled gas, your bottles will be outside. You can turn the gas off at the bottle. Or you can turn the unit itself off if you have turned the water mains off.
Got an overflowing toilet?
The first step should be to turn off the water valve connected to the toilet, rather than running outside to the main shut-off valve. This is located behind the toilet, against the wall.
Burst pipe?
If there is a pipe burst, turn off the main water valve and contact us immediately on 0226-385-704. The longer the leak runs for, the more you could face in repair costs.
Got a slowdraining toilet?
Clogged toilets can lead to unsanitary overflows, damaged pipes, and damaged flooring. If your toilet is flushing at a slower pace than normal, there is likely a clog. Contact us, fast, to remove the clog before further problems occur.
Clogged Drain?
Shower drains, sink drains, and toilets can each become clogged in an instant. Keep a plunger handy so you can break up loose blockages. If you can’t “plunge” the blockage away, don’t use chemicals to open or clear your drains. They rarely get the job done properly and the chemicals are so harsh, they can ruin drain pipes and the equipment used to clear the stoppage.
Control the leak
Put a container under the source of the water to minimise damage. Plumbing emergencies usually leave a hefty amount of water in places it shouldn’t be. To minimise any water damage and mould growth, grab a mop and some towels and begin cleaning up the mess while you wait for our plumber.
Know when to say no
Think you can handle plumbing repairs on your own? More often than not, plumbing repairs attempted by unqualified handyfolk lead them to the realisation that they don’t have the tools or experience to do the job right. Attempting plumbing repairs can lead to an unsafe system that does not comply with NZ plumbing codes and can result in damage to the system.

Once we arrive we will discuss our plan for repair.

Take control to avoid further emergencies
Call Central Plumbing for an annual inspection to ensure you don’t any re-occurring plumbing emergencies at all. Once you have a leak, there is no going back; it becomes a repair or a replacement.

Emergency Plumber Wellington Wide

Do you have an urgent plumbing problem at your Wellington home or business? Get in touch with us immediately to prevent your plumbing problem turning into an expensive disaster. Central Plumbing Wellington services the greater Wellington region, including Johnsonville, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and across to Mana and Whitby.

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24/7 emergency service means we will be there whether it’s 5 a.m. or 5 p.m. We’re the emergency plumber Wellington counts on to respond immediately and arrive with the solution.