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Commercial Drainlaying

Professional, qualified drain layers   •   New drainage
• Repair and replacement of broken pipes and drainage systems

Drainage and Pipes

Forget the rest. You’ve got the best.

Out of sight and out of mind, that’s how you’d like your drains.

A plumbing system would be nothing without pipes to connect it all together: to get you the water you need and dispose of it (and other stuff) you don’t. We’re the drainlayers Wellington calls for good flow in their lives.

Central Plumbing Wellington offers all drainage services from laying a new drainage system to diagnosing problems to clearing blocked drains.. Call 022 638 5704.

We have the knowledge, equipment and heavy machinery to provide a complete drain laying solution. Our Wellington drain layers are qualified, trained, punctual, tidy and courteous.

Plumbing and drainage issues are frustrating enough. The last thing you need is your plumber not turning up. Of if they do, carrying out work that didn’t end up being what you’d expected. We’re local Wellingtonians like you. Our reputation matters. When residents and businesses throughout Wellington call 022 638 5704 they can be guaranteed that they will get the quality plumbing and drain laying service they’re expecting.

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Experience the difference with  Central Plumbing

Drain Repairs & Upgrades  •  New Build Drainage & Renovations

From new drainage system design work through to repairs on damaged pipes and diagnostic work using cameras, we are here to get things moving.

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How are your pipes flowing?

Over time, drains can slowly deteriorate. As they are hidden from normal view, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause and nature of the problem without messy, time-consuming digging. Our CCTV cameras save you time and money, because we can see what is going on, or not, inside your drains.

We can find out where they are, and we can get a full visual inside your drains without tearing up floors, breaking down walls or destroying your garden. From above ground and up to 15 metres deep, CCTV drainage inspection lets us locate faults, cracks or obstructions in your drainage system. If there is an issue, we can fix it efficiently to get your drain back to doing what it should.

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Testimonial for Central Plumbing

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Anthony and his team for the awesome job they completed at our house. They came when they said they would, finished the job in a timely matter and left the place clean and tidy when they had finished. Anthony noticed one of our pipes (completely unrelated to our job) was not secure and in place properly so he fixed it without hesitation and at no extra charge. We will definitely recommend Central plumbing to our friends and family and use them again in the future. Thanks heaps again! 

Jacinta Rai

Drainage for new builds

Building? Get the responsibility of all things plumbing and drain related taken off your shoulders.

Drainage is an essential element of any building project. It’s crucial that the drainage is designed for the structure, and the site. To get good drainage for Wellington, you’re best to get local drainlayers who know about hills and slopes to design and correctly install the optimal drainage system for your place.

With more than a decade of experience working with all types of contractors on Wellington commercial and residential building projects, we know what we’re doing. We can handle your new building job from the ground up, including all sewer, storm and water pipes.

Earthworks Wellington

Local know how

Poorly designed hillside drainage can cause huge headaches. You don’t need that. Combining innovation with experience and local Wellington know how, your drainage system will be designed, developed and installed to scope, slope, budget and schedule. We carry out drainage projects of all sizes, both residential and commercial, and can liaise with your builders, engineers and council to ensure the best solutions.

Expert planning is the best answer to prevent tree-root and other damage to your drains. Our experience can reduce complications, saving you both dramas and time. We know how to design the most functional drainage systems for your property.

Experts at handling everything under the surface

Our drainage services include:

  • drain laying
  • blocked drains and gullytraps
  • driveway drainage systems
  • stormwater sumps
  • clearing your blocked sewer or stormwater
  • relaying existing sewer or stormwater drains
  • sewage problems diagnosed and fixed
  • hillside runoff containment
  • installing a driveway sump or slot drain
  • controlling surface water drainage
  • concrete cutting to fix drains.

Sewer and storm water replacement

Your storm water system is a very important part of your drainage network. A leaking storm water drain saturates soil which can create subsidence and undermine your home’s foundations. Every time it rains, do get large pools of water forming, make the ground soggy? Chances are that if you have an old earthenware drainage system, it will be leaking. We can replace your storm water drains with a new UPVC system that will last.

Central Plumbing only uses compliant UPVC drainage (Marley) pipes and fittings that will stand the test of time. We’re happy to stand behind the products.

Storm water sumps

Get rain inside every time it rains heavily? A storm water sump could be the answer. We can install a large sump with angled concrete.

Get free-flowing drains in no time. Our drainage services include:

  • drain repair (pipe lining, patch repair & excavation)
  • emergency 24-hour call out for blocked drains
  • CCTV drainage inspection
  • scheduled maintenance
  • new sewer & storm water drains
  • drain location services
  • clearing blocked drains (high pressure water jetting & mechanical cleaning)
Clear Blocked Drain

Controlling surface water

We can use a range of drainage materials to control both pooling and running surface water after heavy rain. Heavy wall drain pipe can be installed. Make your walls last longer. Subsoil drainage from retaining walls can be used to keep water away from wall foundations and concrete gutters around the house can protect you home. Subsidence can cause your home to crack and drop. We can install sub soil drainage under concrete to stop water flowing down and under the foundations of your house.

We are qualified drain layers and follow all council requirements. We will give advice and your best options.

Safety always comes first. Before any excavation begins, we will have all existing utilities located and marked.

The Drainlayers Wellington relies on for their movements. Call for clever drainlayers with the right flow every time!