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Demolition Contractors Wellington

We use a combination of excavators with specialty equipment to safely dismantle buildings and clear the site. When we finish the demolition job, it will be hard to tell there was ever a building there.

All our team members are specifically trained for demolition activities, working at heights and more.

Instead of dealing with two or more companies, just call 022 638 5704. Wellington Central Plumbing offers a wide range of demoliton and excavation services at very competitive prices.

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Demolition Contractors Wellington

Can you can dig it? Yes, you can.

To help you keep money in the bank for those extra finishing touches, you can hire our machinery and trucks at affordable rates.

Experienced demolition contactors

Hiring a professional demolition contactors is crucial to ensure the task is completed safely and efficiently. Demolition involves a series of stages, from site preparation and obtaining the necessary permits, to mechanical demolition, site clean-up and waste disposal.

It’s important to note that the specific steps may vary depending on the size of the structure, local regulations, and the presence of any unique challenges, such as neighbouring structures or environmental considerations. Always consult with experienced professionals to ensure a safe and compliant demolition process.

Safer, faster and more efficient

  • A lightweight yet rugged receiver provides all the information needed for faster, more accurate location work.
  • Generates or updates subsurface service maps, for future planned development
  • Clears drilling locations for subsurface interferences
  • Accurately marks out services scheduled for repair or replacement

There’s a lot going on underground that you need to know about before you ever start to dig. Increase safety, speed up work, prevent hazardous outages and collect more information with our CCTV location service.

Location services we offer:

  • Residential inspections
  • Commercial inspections
  • Pre-purchase inspections of your drains
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Drain diagnosis
  • Locating metallic and non-metallic services
  • Defining depth of services
  • Finding communications wires and conduits
  • Defining pipe routes, without connecting to the source
  • Locating Unknown Services
  • Finding utilities, without using as-built drawings

Testimonial for Central Plumbing

I’d recommend Anthony and his team at Central Plumbing. The new drainage and sump that Anthony installed on our property replaced non-compliant pipes and Anthony’s work has made a huge difference. It’s reassuring to see the water flowing through the new sump and see the property dry out because of this work. Throughout, Anthony kept us fully informed about what was being done. His attention to detail shows.


Affordable efficient demolition

Looking for space to improve your home or even start again from scratch? Central Plumbing Wellington provides safe, tidy demolition services across Wellington for residential customers. Our team can deal with home, garage, shed and retaining wall demolitions.

So we can guarantee that your job that is done safely, our team is always abreast of the latest developments in demolitions techniques and with health and safety regulations. Your worksite will be left clean and tidy when the job is done with all rubbish removed. We approach each job with a view to causing as little damage to the surrounding environment as possible.

If you are planning excavation work or demolition, don’t wait any longer. Call the Wellington drainage and excavation experts on 022 638 5704 today.

The team at Central Plumbing Wellington can take care of all your demolition, drainage and earth moving work. We can also provide expert advice to help your earthworks come in on time and on budget. Contact us to arrange a quote or to discuss any of our other services including repairs, plumbing and drain clearing.

Don’t deal with two or more companies, one call will get your site excavated, prepared and drains laid. For efficient, safe demolition & earthmoving Wellington builders & homeowners call us.